A list of all our Policies and Procedures are provided in the Prospectus and can also be found by clicking here (a new window will open).  They are also available at Explorers for you to read. 


Copies of our Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedure, Complaints Procedure, Equal Opportunities Policy, Equality and Diversity Policy, Failure to collect a child procedure, Missing child procedure, Parental Involvement Policy, Fees Policy and our Health and Hygiene Policy are included in our Parent Packs for you future reference.


Admissions Policy

We wish to welcome children and their families from the local community, regardless of cultural, ethnic, religious or social background, gender or any special physical or educational need into our pre-school setting. 


To fulfill this aim Explorers will endeavor to:


  1. Advertise the existence of Explorers widely throughout the community

  2. Make our Equal Opportunities Policy available to all parties.

  3. Admit children between the ages of 2½ and 5 years, initially on a first come first served basis until capacity is reached.

  4. In the event of over subscription, hold a waiting list ordered according to date of birth, (oldest child being given priority). Children already attending having priority to increase their number of sessions.

  5. Other factors being equal, children with a stated intention to attend St Nicholas C of E Primary School, Henstridge will be given priority over others.

  6. Be flexible regarding attendance patterns in order to accommodate the needs of individual children and families.

  7. Explorers will endeavor to give parents/carers/guardians at least 4 weeks notice of when a place becomes available for their child.


Other key documents:-

  1. Charity Commission Registration Certificate

  2. Explorers OFSTED Inspection Report (17th May 2018)

  3. Explorers Pre School Constitution (2012)

  4. Report of Questionnaire Responses (2018)

  5. Special Needs Offer SEN (2017)

Explorers Pre School, C/O St Nicholas CofE Primary School, Ash Walk, Henstridge, Somerset, BA8 0QD
Telephone number: 07792240804
Email : explorers.preschool@hotmail.co.uk
Ofsted Unique Reference Number (URN):  EY253578
Charity Commission name and number:  EXPLORERS  1027807

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